Challenge and Opportunity

Do you know someone on the inside who can introduce you to the new employer of your choice?  If so, congratulations! You are ahead of your competition!  We all agree that a personal introduction is the BEST way for you to move forward in the hiring process.  If you don’t have that personal connection, your mission is to put a strategy in place that includes making a personal connection with someone who can help you, AND you’re going to need other weapons in your arsenal.

Securing your next career opportunity can be very challenging, requiring a skill set of its own.

Those of us with a business development or sales background know that the risk of failure and rejection goes with the territory.  When conducting a job search the “black hole” of unanswered, on-line applications can discourage even the strongest of us! Worse yet, it’s possible that we can sabotage ourselves during the process in ways we don’t always recognize! It’s often said that challenges are opportunities.  It seems obvious, but it might help you to remember:

… you always have competition for the position you are seeking.

Winning the career you want doesn’t mean that you have to be preoccupied with your competition.  It does mean that:

You have a limited window of opportunity to showcase your strengths and value to an employer. Every detail matters…..

From your initial approach to an employer to optimizing keywords in your resume, anticipating what an employer will see when they “Google” you, handling yourself well in an interview, and following up after the interview, every step is critical.

Our mission is to help you to be strategic and competitive in your career pursuit so that you successfully move forward in the hiring process.

Our relationship with you begins with a conversation about who you are and where you want to go professionally.  Once you’ve established a target and approach your search from a healthy, competitive standpoint, you’ll move from defense to offense.

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